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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Best Of! (Things to Come)
I thought it’d be cool to do a Kamikaze Lunchbreak “Best of 2004.” But I can only think of the worst. Really, my Election Day™ hangover is that bad. Plus, I’ve seen only a handful of movies that were released this year, and have purchased only a handful of “new” CDs this year.

So, I could use your help, The Internet. E-mail me* with your favorite things from the year (all pop/political culture considered). Make up categories if you have to . . . the more creative, the better. I’ll do a roundup as late in the year as possible, most likely in that week between Christmas and the Apocalypse New Year’s.

I can’t promise prizes. But having your ultra-snarky witticisms decorating my humble ‘blog-site for tens and twenties of people to see . . . I mean, isn’t that reward enough?

* You know you can leave your “nominees” in the comments, if e-mailing is too much of a burden. Lazy ass. If you’re feeling really industrious, though, you could mail a postcard or Christmas card with your picks. That would be TOP-NOTCH.