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Friday, November 19, 2004
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Floppy Yet!
In mere moments, I'm leaving work (early) to pick up Mia, meet Michelle, and go to Sears for some Christmas-picture-taking action. Our presence in said pictures has been requested and, thus, I'm more dressed up than I'd like to be on a Friday (i.e., I'm wearing a white button-down shirt [tucked in] and nice[er] shoes).

After that, we'll be picking up the house a little before Michelle goes to the studio (for Day 2) and I stay home to host my Political Blog Brainstorming Pow-Wow. (This will necessitate a run to the grocery store for wine and cheese, I should think. If we were meeting to discuss a Right-Wing 'blog, it'd be Miller High Life and pork rinds.)

The weekend plans are a little up in the air. There may be poker. There may be intensive yard work. There WILL be football-watching though, as my alma mater takes on their most pitiful hated rival, the Gators.

I know, I know. And "excitement" is my middle name.