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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Want Your Vote(s) Back?
Hey, Moderate Republicans and Reagan Democrats . . . feeling that regret right about now? Wha--? Y’say you didn’t realize that Colin Powell was going to leave right after the election?

Yes, they’re still counting (or re-counting) the votes in some states, but the Administration is already shedding a lot of Cabinet members, including the once-respectable Powell.

I really thought Powell would wait until closer to the Inauguration to jump ship. But we knew he was leaving, even as the Administration Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign chose to downplay it because they were worried about the votes they’d lose if people realized one of the few voices of reason was leaving.

But, Sweet Baby Jesus, it’s nice to see John Ashcroft going. Of course, they’ll just dip into the Vat of Evil to replace him. Maybe the next guy will bring some Scotch Tape for the Constitution. Probably not, though.