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Friday, November 05, 2004
Mission: Meetup
I'm writing this from my sister-in-law's apartment in Atlanta (Alpharetta, actually). We're here for the 'blogger Meetup, which has it's opening ceremony* tonight. We've been here less than four hours and, already, we've been in a car accident.** And had some good Thai food at a mall downtown.

This Meetup will be the focus of several 'blog entries (I'm sure) next week. To help me get in the spirit (and update my 'blogroll), please leave a comment if I haven't added you over there and you've commented before; several of you have left comments and I keep forgetting to write those addresses down.

(Much, much, MUCH) more later.

* By "ceremony," I mean softening up the ol' liver.

** This really happened. Michelle was driving and sort-of side-swiped someone. Hello, $500 deductible! Hello, higher premiums! Michelle says it's karma for saying earlier that she was going to shoot some slow drivers in front of us, take them out of their cars, and run over their bodies.