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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
I think we’re making actual progress here.

For the past several months, when we’d ask Mia, “What’s your name?” or “Mia, what’s your name?” she would reply, “Mommy!” In the past few days, though, her answer’s been “Mee-na!”

It’s a tough world of identifiers that we’re bringing our daughter up in. Two grandmothers (well, my mother and my dad’s wife . . . who are different people) who want to be called “Nana” (with different pronunciations, of course). Two grandfathers who are “Papa” and/or “Poppa” (again with the varied pronunciations). Michelle’s mother wants to be “Grandma,” but I keep pushing “Ma-maw” (which her children had called her mother . . . and which she hates); Mia calls her “Momma” and Michelle “Mommy.”

I’m just “Daddy.” Except when Mia wants something. Then we’re all “Mommy.”