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Saturday, November 27, 2004
I'm Rooting for You, Fuckers.
Michelle's still in Jacksonville at the infinitely disorganized mutual-masturbation-a-thon music festival. Tonight, Mr. ADD (also significant-other-less) will be coming over to watch the USC / Notre Dame game. Collectively, I don't think we could care less about either team. He'll likely be rooting for USC because he wants as many teams as possible to finish undefeated so that there will be a BCS controversy. And I'll be rooting for Notre Dame (Satan help me) because I hate the PAC 10 and teams that are #1 from wire to wire.

In other news, Thanksgiving went well. Except for walking into that porch light and ripping an inch-long gash in my scalp. Oh, and dropping that 4 x 12 on my big toe.