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Friday, November 12, 2004
Blog Intertia
A 'blogger at rest tends to remain at rest, right? (Unless acted on by an outside Meetup, it would seem.)

I had every intention of posting more Meetup-related fallout on Tuesday, but all the slacking I'd been doing in recent weeks caught up with me. See, we'd gone through many months of relatively increased activity at work . . . and then it stopped. So, I was happily catching up on my slack time. When the work started coming in again . . . well, I was quite content to continue half-assing it. And then I took a day off for the Meetup. And then one of my projects was greatly underestimated (see the kind of passive voice I have to deal with here?). And THEN I had to take a half-day for Veterans' Day (daycare closed).

I know, CW . . . 'blogging about being busy at work is LAME.

Point is I'm gonna need to be born-again next week. (Or, born-again-again if you count the fact that the Meetup was quite the eye-opening experience.)

This weekend, there is quite a lot going on, so it should be drippingly heavy with material.