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Thursday, October 14, 2004
You’d Better Get This Party Started
Another milestone: Mia got invited to her first birthday party. It’s for a boy who’s turning three. I think he and my daughter have some kind of flirtation. I also think he’s a little slow. Anyway, the birthday party is here, this Saturday morning.


Speaking of “a little slow,” have you people been watching the debates? I guess it would just fuckin’ figure that coming down the home stretch, the debates have only helped to muddy the water. I mean, going into them, Kerry was down quite a bit but, with Bush’s first-debate fumble, he’s pulled even . . . but no further.

It was more-than-slightly disconcerting to see Bush pull his shit together more and more with each successive debate. Last night’s was somewhat close . . . y’know, from a purely independent-voter/overall impression perspective (because, in the harsh light of Reality, Bush at best comes off like an exasperated and desperate weasel spouting half-truths and empty rhetoric . . . and Kerry doesn’t look a lot better).

I have a feeling we’re still gonna be sorting through our votes when Iraq has their elections in January sometime next year.