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Monday, October 18, 2004
I saw a lot of great and interesting stuff over the weekend. While not all of it could be as magical as the happy-flash in Mia’s eyes while we played with a balloon yesterday, it was worth documenting here. Maybe.

-- We got to see what Mia’s third birthday could be like if we invited several kids from daycare, as well as many other partially related kids. And it wasn’t pretty. Michelle commented that we’d only have small family gatherings for Mia’s (early) birthdays. I agreed.

-- I got to see my alma mater finally play coach to win a game. Don’t get me wrong; the players came to play (no doubt inspired by all the predictions of their defeat). But to see them dismantle a team thought to be so strong . . . that was inspiring. Y’know, if you’re a football fan. Rooting for FSU.

-- We were pulling into the Eckerd/CVS Drugs drive-thru yesterday. There was a car at the window with its rear driver-side door open and a young boy standing next to the car. “What is that?” Michelle asked. I could just tell it was a boy . . . with his hands down near his crotch. He turned a little and that’s when I fully realized he was peeing. In broad daylight. In a drugstore drive-thru. And, lemme tell ya, he was arcing that pee about 5 feet. (Rather than directly confronting the situation, we parked in front of the store and went in to get the prescriptions. We told the pharmacy tech/cashier about the peeing incident, and she was unimpressed.)*

-- I got to see my beloved Steelers beat the once-hated Cowboys. I use “once-hated” because I’d always hated them, but I’ve backed off in recent years because their lameness had diffused the hate somewhat. But now that they’re getting better, and have the Big Tuna coaching for them, maybe it’s time to re-ignite that hatred. Had Testeverde not totally fumbled the game away for them, I would’ve been back on the hate-wagon. But right now, my team’s on a Halloween collision course with the undefeated-record-setting Patriots.


* This was really the reason for the post. I thought I’d seen more great stuff this weekend. Maybe I did and forgot. Maybe I just felt like writing about all the great football I got to see this weekend. Hey, at least I’m writing about real football and not fantasy football (and my team, The Angry Dragons).