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Friday, October 01, 2004
Poetry Got Me Off . . . the Space Station!
I’m still reeling at how my dashed-off sestina was my ticket out on Reverse Survivor. Seriously, I waited until the last day to write it, and composed it in Notepad in between assignments over the course of a morning.

Somehow, I feel empty now that I’m not being pressured to write. Perhaps I need to be pressured to write more often, eh?

Besides that somewhat-instant gratification, here are some other happy-making things:

-- My poker chips arrived yesterday. That’s right, Ebay’d a set of 650 professional-esque poker chips. They came in an aluminum case and weighed 22 pounds. (Feel free to make fun of me, Chipster.)

-- Explosions in the Sky are playing in town tonight, and I’m getting in for free.

-- I’m just generally in a good mood.

On the flipside (and of course there’s a flipside), my car is leaking water from behind the dash on the passenger side. My wife’s coworker said it was a heater something-or-other. Look, I don’t know a lot about cars, but I do know that my passenger-side mat is saturated and my car smells musty.