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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Happy Monday Tuesday
I think today has been yesterday was good to me. Here’s why:

-- The FSU radio station played my “12 o’clock Takeover” today. The songs were “Helicon 1” (Mogwai), “Obstacle 1” (Interpol), “Misco” (Ms John Soda), “Moya”* (Godspeed), and “The Wedding Disaster” (The Butchies). I put that my name as Norm the Indifferent (my name from Kingdom of Loathing) and that “I'm married to a little drummer girl” (as something interesting about me).

-- The Explosions in the Sky show was pretty good . . . not quite as much of a life-changing event as the first time I saw them. Anyway, I found out that they didn’t play an encore in Atlanta, either, which made me feel better about our show and our stupid little town.**

-- My car’s still not fixed. Yeah, this is no reason to be claiming a “happy” day, but it’s just typical . . . which lets me know that life is okay. I mean, they broke my window. I bet if I hadn’t told the Service Department manager that I had a back-up car (my mom’s van) on Saturday, he’d have my fuckin’ car done today, or he’d be renting me a replacement. Tomorrow, I’m done being taken for a ride. Unless I feel like waiting to get my car until the weekend. I mean, wouldn’t it be badass to pester them into getting my windshield fixed, really hassling and harassing them, and then say, “Oh, well, I’m not going to be able to get my car until the weekend.” Stellar.

-- It was nice and cool this morning. I’m very pleased.

* The DJ played the wrong Godspeed song, and then said that it was some other song title, “otherwise known as ‘Moya.’” Wha—? “Moya” is on Slow Riot for a New Kanada E.P., and the song he played was on Lift Your Skinny Fists . . . Sheesh. College kids.

** Look, an indie show in Tallahassee that draws over 400 people is nothing to sneeze at, okay. Especially when your last show in town brought in about 25. After playing your set (albeit an energetic one) and people are waiting for your encore, don’t draw straws to see who’s gonna come on stage and tell the crowd that you’re “really tired and just want to go to sleep.” Especially not two nights in a row.