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Friday, September 17, 2004
To the C--t* Driving in Front of Us on the Way Home from the Grocery Store**

Yes, your carelessly thrown cigarette did hit my windshield. Even cars built after the year 2000 come with ashtrays, Countess Cancer. As yours was manufactured circa 1987, it should be adequately equipped to store your sucked butts.

I realize that your ashtray might be full seeing that you're chain-smoking, and that the cigarette butt that bounced off my car was probably your 10,000th of the day and not likely easily remembered, but come the fuck on. THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR ASHTRAY. Okay, sister? It's disrespectful to me, and it's disrespectful to the environment.

Use your ashtray, and roll up your goddamn window. Whore!

* That's "cunt."

** Where's Enemyster when you need it?