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Friday, September 10, 2004
I Didn’t Really Mean to Go Four Days Between Updates. I Mean, Christ, What Do I Think This Is? The Fucking Weekend?
It started when my boss flew out (we think) to Key West on Wednesday evening for a six-day vacation. (I hope he didn’t really, because he would’ve been told to evacuate before he ever got unpacked.) So, basically, I have four business days to battle greedy, soul-sucking project managers all by myself. I know for a fact that there are two huge-ass reports due Monday, which will likely require me to put in some time this weekend. The upside is that this extra mental anguish / work could net me some beer, lunch, or the coveted “comp” time. (Yeah, thanks Mr. President, but I don’t GET overtime.)

Anyway, all this means I’ve been busy as of late. Monday, my brain will be mush and my hands will be paper-cut-ed; if I post anything that day, it’ll be along the lines of, “lasdj lajsfd slasjf! Djkgjseic! %@#&!!!” So I might not be back until Tuesday. Unless, of course, I drunk-blog after FSU’s humiliating defeat to Miami tonight. (I won’t be making predictions as I did last season because, really, I have no fuckin’ idea what to expect out of our [once-mighty] Seminoles.)


Oh! I’ve recently received word that I will be participating in Mister Crunchy’s newest season of Reverse Survivor. The first assignment is up. I can’t tell you my super-secret Survivor “code” name, but I can tell you I will be the last person left. And in Reverse Survivor, that’s bad.