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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Florida is Throwing a Party, and You are All Invited (And by “You,” I Mean Natural Disasters)
Y’know the people who forget to take down Christmas decorations, and then halfway through the year decide to just leave them up until the next Christmas? (Hey, you might be one of them!) Well, that’s how people around town are about hurricane preparedness.

For example, several businesses boarded up for Frances and just left everything in place with Ivan on the way. Speaking for myself, I still have my sandbags exactly where I left them Labor Day weekend. I even trimmed our hedges around the driveway, front sidewalk, and back porch . . . and left the clippings on the ground, knowing full well that any flooding rains would carry them to our neighbor’s yard, and beyond. I mean, why rake when God or some Russian-named hurricane could do it for you?

I didn’t even bother posting another hurricane forecast / tracking map for everyone’s amusement. Even though, once again, Tallahassee was in the dead center of the projected path. I guess I had a feeling that it would turn this time, despite the karmic retribution that was long overdue.

Oh, wait. That retribution was dealt out to the population of Tallahassee by the Hurricanes a few nights ago. And by “population of Tallahassee,” I mean Chris Rix.