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Friday, September 24, 2004
I remember back when I was young, trying to figure out how old I would be on New Years’ Day 2000. Twenty-eight didn’t seem so old, so far away. But it took forever to get there. Since then, of course, things seem to have sped up. I can’t believe that it’s been almost five years since that New Years’ Eve.

So, next Monday is the big 33. Only two years from the birthday I hear is scarier than 30, which was scary enough (until I was a few months away and realized that I wasn’t going to be a successful rock star and/or poet before I turned 30 . . . then it was just blah).

Tonight, the plan is for thai food, and then trivia and drinking, and then possibly bowling . . . and more drinking. The rest of the weekend will probably be much of the same, with some football games mixed in. (I'd better increase my water intake.) Maybe I’ll stop in for some drunk-blogging. I’m sure Michelle will have a nice recap for everyone next week. Maybe there’ll even be pictures.