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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
We Are Too Nice
I may seem pretty politically motivated to you people of The Internet, but I’m not. Okay, maybe I am, but not as much as Mr. ADD. My best friend, who is somewhat less liberal than I, doesn’t have a subscription to Newsweek, but he does have access to you, The Internet. Which is how he keeps finding all these interesting links that he’s been compulsively sending to me. And Michelle. And Michelle’s right-leaning mother. He’s never cared about politics before this election, which is just another indication of how polarized this country has gotten.

I bring up Mr. ADD because he made a very good point, which made me come to a realization (see the title of this post).

Y’see, he forwarded me this link. For those of you feeling not-so-click-y, I’ll summarize: Basically, Laura Bush killed someone when she was 17 (so, technically, she wasn’t a “Bush” at the time). It may not have been murder, but the whole thing is a little suspicious.

Now, I’ve been living in a world where Laura Bush is a nice, wholesome libarian, and only people like Ted Kennedy kill people. But Mr. ADD’s point was this: What if Hillary had killed someone when she was 17, even accidentally? Can you see Rush Limbaugh frothing at the mouth over that proposition? Fox News would probably introduce her (each and every time) as “Senator, and Murderer, Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Right-wing commentators and conservative talk-show guests (like Cal Thomas) would push it and push it until the mainstream media picked it up.

Of course, Laura Bush doesn’t hold public office. But neither did Hillary when she supposedly arranged to have Vince Foster knocked off.

The Republican smear machine knows no limits. It’s never a two-way street with those guys. It’s win at all costs, and winners take all. It’s say one thing and do another. Take no prisoners. It’s do as I say, not as I do. It’s I can say whatever the Christ I want, and if you say the same about me, you’re taking the “low road.”

Can “We” win without being like them? Can we compete? Because I feel like anything less than spinning the dial to “full-blast” is just baring our necks.