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Friday, August 06, 2004
On the Threshold
. . . of a great journey.

I'm typing this in my underwear. After four (or so) drinks. We had a "farewell" dinner with our friends at a hideous fern bar, followed by a much-too-quick stop at the trendy watering hole (hey, kind-of like this!).

So, we're putting the final touches on our packing, and getting ready for bed. Sorry to leave you so . . . well, never mind. I haven't been giving it the ol' college try lately, have I? As it was, I was wrapping up some things at work so I didn't have to totally sell out my boss like so many crack whores in the editing profession. Between tying up loose ends and making arrangements to change our plans somewhat (due to the death of my aunt's mother), I didn't have a lot of time to stop by here.

And I totally sold-out on my meetup-planning co-conspirators: these girls. Keep an eye on them, because they could totally bust out a meetup-related poll. Seriously, if you were gonna have the opportunity to meet several of your 'bloggy friends in Atlanta on a weekend, wouldn't that be totally worth it?

I'll try and stop in over the next nine days, whenever I have (reliable) access to the Intarweb.