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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
“Mia, How Old Are You? You’re Two . . . TWO.”
I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Happy birthday, baby.


On the way to work, I heard on the radio that Doak Campbell Stadium (where FSU plays) is going to be totally and completely smoke-free now. Not even gonna allow smoking at the gates or on the upper-deck breeze-way. Nothing. And the smokers are really mad. Like selling their skyboxes mad.

They had a caller who said it was bad enough that they made him stop smoking in restaurants (that one he understood), and then worse when he couldn’t smoke in the bar (actually, I don’t know what he was talking about there, because free-standing bars that don’t sell too much food are exempt from the smoking ban). But now he’s thinking of becoming a Gator fan. Or, worse, a fan of the Hurrigangsters. Because he can’t smoke in the goddamn stadium.

Look, I don’t hate smokers, but I do hate smoking*. The laws are only gonna get tougher. I feel a little bad because when my smoking friends get upset about Florida’s War on Smokers, I just have to shrug my shoulders. I voted (enthusiastically) for the smoking ban. And I think it’s tough enough. But telling people they can’t smoke in an open-air stadium . . . especially at the walkway above all the seats? Or underneath the stadium, near the gates? That might be taking it too far.


Why have a ‘blog if all you’re gonna do is rip off other ‘bloggers? Seriously, I know some talented ‘bloggers are getting book deals, but geez. Nobody likes a plagiarist. No, not even your mother.


* Please don’t flame me in the comments, my emphysema-inclined readers. Or do.