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Friday, August 27, 2004
It's the Free Beer That Keeps Me Here
I might not get hefty raises like some people, but I do get free alcohol. Sometimes.

When I interviewed for the job almost five years ago, the current VPs told me, "We work hard, but we play hard." Which was true at the outset. There were several "happy hours" on Fridays (where the company would pick up the tab), some of them where the conference room was transformed into a bar. (One of the principals would walk around the office at about 3 o'clock with a couple six packs, encouraging everyone to take a beer . . . to drink while we worked.) Of course, this doesn't happen nearly often enough as much now.

And sometimes when the editors or our CAD operator are given a lot of work to do for a project in a short amount of time ("Here's a 20-page report with multiple tables and figures . . . and it's due tomorrow."), we're often pacified with beer. Now, our CAD operator (a woman) is partial to the cheap stuff, so she often receives a 12-pack of Bud, or something similar. We get six packs of better stuff. I even scored Red Stripe one time.

Now the big editor-pacification is lunch out. For instance, I'd been working hard for a particular project manager for a couple weeks. He had his boss take us to lunch today.

It's nice that, sometimes, you're given a little extra for just doing your job. Even if it is with something that your body will pass in a couple hours.