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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
This Post is Brought to You by the Thoughtful (and Stylish) People at Gap, Inc.
We all love those three-day weekends, don’t we? They’re, like, 50% longer than a normal weekend. And so relaxing. Right?

As if. We put close to 1,000 miles on my mom’s van, and gave our already-overworked credit card a little riding, too. Me and the Indian Guy I Know played disc golf at two courses in Atlanta, and our respective significant others shopped their way around the ‘burbs. There was so much shopping to do that the day reserved for a casual drive home was used for last-minute shopping. Our very last stop was here, where I surrendered to the Shopping Gods and bought a few shirts from Banana Republic. Which increased the style quotient of my wardrobe by approximately 28.6%.

This all gives me an idea for a post.


A couple thoughts about recent political happenings:

-- I find it interesting that the Bushies have the gall to point out Edward’s lack of experience to be vice president. Doesn’t anyone remember that Gov. Bush had to be tutored for six months in the ways of global politics while he was campaigning to become president? Unless, of course, there’s the issue of who’s really running the country. I mean, all the people who tutored Dubya (unsuccessfully, I’d say) are currently serving him. And several served his father. So, yeah, I might question whether Edwards has the ability to run the country the way that Cheney has. Maybe he could just learn to tell people to “Go fuck [them]selves,” and he’d do just fine.

-- I really used to respect John McCain. I thought he was above partisan politics. And now he’s propping up the asshole who’s pooping on the reputation of our (once-great) nation . . . the same asshole who pooped on his reputation four years ago in South Carolina. All because he wants to be a good Republican. Fuck the Republicans. And the Democrats, for that matter. This two-party thing sucks balls. Seriously. I’m praying to Little Baby Jesus for the day a group of established “centrist” politicians abandon their respective parties to form a third party. Maybe they could call it the I-Value-My-Country-More-Than-My-Fucking-Party Party. That has a nice ring to it, eh?


Here’s a Karma-Bomb for ya: My stepmother is driving my mother to see her parents next week. If I could be a fly on the window of the Ford Explorer during that roadtrip, I’d fucking squish MYSELF! Holy shit, it melts my brain to merely contemplate the possible bits of conversation that might transpire during that eight-hour car ride . . . BOTH WAYS!