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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Red Eyes and Tears*
I'm at home, writing this on the fly while Mia takes a nap. She's not quite daycare-ready, so Michelle's coming by after a hair appointment for the child handoff. Tomorrow, I think I'll be sharing custody with Michelle's mom. Maybe she'll go back to daycare part-time on Thursday or Friday.

The surgery went better than expected, although I'm not sure we could verbalize exactly what we were expecting. Let's just say she survived and now looks like a toddler extra from 28 Days Later. (The only time she seems to be infected by Rage is when we're giving her eye medicine . . . which is at least four times a day.)

That might be all I have for now. More later?

* This is a song title. The first person to name the band who wrote it will get a mix CD that he/she probably does not want. But, hey, we don't get what we want all the time, now do we?