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Friday, July 16, 2004
It’s Time to Operate
I want to fast-forward. Perhaps to a week from now. Sure, I’d miss the Girls on Film show tomorrow night (in Pensacola). And I’d probably find myself confused by the latest developments of my own band’s current re-organization, which will likely change every day (we’re losing a very prominent member, and the rest of us have decided to carry on under a new name with a replacement . . . member). Of course, I’d also miss some work.

But I’d miss the surgery. On our daughter.

The lazy eyes aren’t responding to the patching, so it’s time for something more aggressive. The doctor says it’s very routine. Outpatient. But that isn’t very comforting. Even if they’re not gonna remove her eyeballs from their respective sockets, she’s still going under. And that’s what scares me most.

I won’t be at work on Monday and the following day or two will be planned later. Still, I’ll be checking in. The quiz (see below) will continue to run until I’m back.

You know you wanna join Styro and 'stella in the pudding-filled kiddie pool.