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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
The Anti-List
To snap myself out of my sleep-deprivation-induced haze, I went to my pusher / keyboardist / barista / coffee-shop owner for an iced mocha. There must’ve been, like, four shots of espresso in that mofo because I’m pretty awake now. I’m not big on iced coffees, but it’s hard to order anything hot and frothy when there’s a 105+ heat index and you’re hanging at the outside café tables. Plus, it was free and he never asks what I want.

The caffeine jolt should help me get focused. I have been writing a lot more lately, but things are pretty scattered across several poems-in-progress and snippets of song lyrics. I’ll post something when there’s a completed piece. Right now, it’s all about interesting titles that I’ve been trying to write poems to justify.

I finally got around to watching 28 Days Later last night while Michelle was at band practice (she’s not too keen on gory movies). I was pleasantly surprised. Not because it was a great movie (which it was), but because the ending wasn’t a huge downer (I haven’t seen the alternate endings yet, and I imagine they’ll go more in a dire direction). Actually, it’s kind-of an uplifting love story disguised as a quasi-zombie action flick (much like Secretary was a love story disguised as a S&M office drama).

Oh, I’ve finished my quiz. The matter this time is a combination of two things that were scorchingly hot a month or two ago: Deadwood and Kingdom of Loathing. The whole thing (including the CD) is so a month ago. Anyway, it’s gonna be posted tomorrow. Maybe during my “lunch break.” The actual posting time is up in the air because I still have no Internet access from my computer, so I have to traipse across the building and covertly post from a vacant office. So, this is all the warning you’re gonna get.