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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together
An IM conversation that illustrates how the fascinating worlds of Kingdom of Loathing and Deadwood can become one:

styrofoamcaity: i sent you a ghuol egg to grow as a familiar.
styrofoamcaity: they are BADASS>
styrofoamcaity: you'll love him.
divebomber71: Cool. Thanks. Although I'm not sure what a "familiar" is.
styrofoamcaity: do you have a terrarium?
divebomber71: I slept off my "beaten" status. No.
styrofoamcaity: i sent you meat too if you need to buy one at the market.
styrofoamcaity: go buy a terrarium.
divebomber71: Okay.
styrofoamcaity: then put the ghuol egg in the terrarium.
divebomber71: Okay.
styrofoamcaity: you'll LOVE this familiar.
styrofoamcaity: he generates HP for you at the end of fights by feasting on your enemies' corpses, and he'll get you muscle or moxie or mysticality or whatever
styrofoamcaity: and more meat
divebomber71: Holy Christ!
styrofoamcaity: WHAT?
divebomber71: It's like Woo's pigs!
styrofoamcaity: YES
divebomber71: lol
styrofoamcaity: HE IS AWESOME IN THAT WAY
styrofoamcaity: :-)
divebomber71: I'll name him "dirty cocksucker."
styrofoamcaity: LOL yessss!
divebomber71: COCK-SUCKA!
styrofoamcaity: YES!
styrofoamcaity: excellent work my friend

I foresee a long day of work adventuring ahead.