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Friday, June 18, 2004
Taking Over the Airwaves (Even Without My Kentucky-Fried Meatsword)
The local college radio station has something called “The Twelve-O’Clock Takeover,” during which they play five songs selected by one of their loyal listeners. The playlists can be filled out on campus or at a station-sponsored show.

When we played with The Butchies a couple weeks ago, I filled out a playlist . . . which they played at lunch today. I literally turned on my radio just before noon, and the DJ announced that they were gonna play some songs chosen by “Scott S.” Now, I listed a couple alternates, but they only played four of my songs . . . I’m guessing because my selections were on the long-ish side. Observe:

“Moya” (Godspeed You Black Emporer!)
“Semaphore” (Kinski)
“Dirty Boots” (Sonic Youth)
“Oh!” (Sleater-Kinney)*

In honor of (not really, but bear with me) this momentous occasion, I will be doing another CD giveaway. There’s a really good chance that this will involve a quiz and, that being the case, the quiz may involve questions regarding Deadwood and Kingdom of Loathing. There may (hypothetically, of course) be a post-rock-inflected tiebreaker question.

See ya next week!

* As much as Michelle would think I picked this for my Corrin Tucker fascination, I was at the show trying to think of something “bouncy” to counter some of my other selections. And “Oh!” is pretty fuckin’ bouncy. Alas, they didn’t play “Oh!” but rather another song (title track) from the same album. College-radio fuckers.