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Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Sometimes, You Take the Good with the Bad
Highlights of the past week (or so):
-- My introduction to Kingdom of Loathing (including my invitation to join the Indie Rock Snobs, my ascendancy to “Emo Kid” status, and my Dripping Meat Crossbow gift)

-- The soon-to-be-famous “Blow-Job Soliloquy” from Al Swearengen that ended Sunday’s episode of Deadwood . . . hopefully setting the appropriate tone for the season finale.

-- Our daughter’s long-awaited foray into using the English language on a more regular basis.

-- My sister-in-law’s car looking like this when she went to leave for work Monday morning.

-- Michelle deciding to bring her brief ‘blogging career to a swift end.

-- Our cat pooping on Michelle’s silky Japanese robe (perhaps related to the previous item).


Update: It appears that she's started 'blogging again.