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Monday, June 14, 2004
It’s Money in the Bank
There’s really nothing better than sitting down (or, even better, lying down) to update your check book Sunday night—subtracting all the checks you starting writing before you even got paid and all the groceries and things you’ve purchased over the past couple days—and realize that you still have a positive balance.

Well, except maybe getting another surprise refund check from the Hyundai dealership. (This time, it was because the payoff on our trade-in was less than expected.)

Or that it was just a relaxing, conflict-free weekend with good friends, good food, bad movies, and no take-home work.*

* Well, it wasn’t absolutely conflict-free. There was a crisis on Manic Sunday that involved our daughter waking up (not really awake, though) with labored breathing, phlegm-y chest, and no appetite . . . all very unusual. We called the doctor and then put her back to bed, as it seemed that she wanted to sleep it off. Which she did. Now she’s back to her sassy self. Almost. Damn cold. Damn new teeth.