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Thursday, June 17, 2004
I Think We All Understand that “Real” has Very Little to do with the Administration’s Evidence of Pre-9/11 Ties Between Saddam and Al-Qaeda*, or Aretha’s Performance of the National Anthem Before Game 5 of the NBA Finals
I’m slowly realizing that I might have a gambling problem. Now, the frequency of my gambling isn’t going to trigger any alarms. But the fact that I’m in a “pool” for the U.S. Open might point to some kind of problem. Because when you’re betting on golf . . .

Still, betting tends to make things more interesting. Michelle and I should really be betting on the outcome of The Ultimate Love Test (although I don’t think either of us would put money on any of the couples to stay together). Or betting on the outcome of celebrity trials, or Marion Jones’ battle with BALCO and the USADA.

Seriously. Take some trivial competition that you have little or no feeling about (which, for us, wouldn’t apply to The Ultimate Love Test). Find someone who is on the other side of the issue in question, and wager on the outcome. I suppose that's why it’s called “making it interesting.”

I’m probably the 45,369,984th person to come up with that realization.

In other news, the 2-CD mix I did for Bob was recently distilled to a single CD. I’m going to review it and then decide whether to make any available and how I’d chose those who are worthy of receiving a copy. It’s a pretty challenging set . . . the aural equivalent of the return of Six Feet Under, mixed with the Alma Garrett / Seth Bullock rendezvous. In other words, this mix is a little downbeat (beaten down?), a little ill-advisedly sleazy, a little gay, and a lot of an emotional rollercoaster.

In still other news, NO! (Let this be my plea, Mr. Kerry. I know you’re a douchebag, and I’m voting for you anyway, but Gephardt is 1,000 miles beyond “douchebag.” Please, for the love of all faith-based candidates and the Little Baby Jesus, pick Wesley Clark. Do it for me. Do it for America.)

* In making Iraq safe for (the Administration’s version of) Democracy, Bush also made it safe for terrorists. And not-so-safe for our Patriotic Oil Barons™. Ironic, eh?