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Friday, June 04, 2004
Chiiiiinaaaaaaa . . . Decorates our Taaaaaable
I’m happy I’ve finally taken the time to visit almost everyone’s site in the past couple / few days. Not that I had the time, but I made it. Stole it, actually. I’ll probably get in trouble for slacking off some at work. But I feel I’ve earned it. (You would, too.)

I’d been really behind on my ‘blog-reading. And now I need to update my template (‘blogroll) again . . . more sites to add, drop, and revise. (For instance, SJ at I, Asshole had to go on hiatus for legal purposes related to her divorce.)

If you feel like you deserve to be added and aren't over there now, you can plead your case. If you asked for hover text over your 'blogroll link (you know who you are), check it. And if you're counseling at a summer camp for handicapped people and didn't leave behind a mailing address, you're in trouble, little missy!


So, the Mighty Indie (Music Snob) Queen sent me a link to a game that she’s addicted to. And I might be getting there, too. I have changed the title of my ‘blog to reflect this addiction. You can hook yourself up to the crack-pipe here. (Post written by Norm the Indifferent)


Michelle e-mailed me about some Japanese china she saw at lunch at Goodwill. It was, like, real fine china. The kind that we chose not to register for when we got married. She actually left work to buy some. I can’t believe how much she spent bought, but I guess it’s not so bad when you consider we’ll never use it how much it’s worth.


Here’s a floppy-haired guy during last weekend’s Indian / stir fry / sushi dinner party.

That’s a Kirin Lager in his hand. The glazed-over look might be partially attributed the low resolution of the picture.