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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
That would be what I’m up to. In pounds. And not the British kind.

I’d felt the weight coming on recently. Felt my body getting heavier with each step. My pants getting a little more snug.

Officially, this is up 10 pounds since weaning myself (read: leaping) off the modified Weight Watchers diet I was on.

So, rather than counting points again (just yet), I’ve started phasing into a workout plan. Miss jab gave us her recumbent bike exerciser a while back, and I’d used it exactly none. So, I got up 15 minutes earlier this morning and rode it for 12 minutes. I’m gonna work up to longer times, three or four times a week. Because if there’s one thing you should never do without preparing yourself, it’s jump into bed with me an exercise routine.