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Sunday, May 30, 2004
Long-Weekend Extravaganza, Part the Second
Same place as yesterday, with the mostly blind Siamese in my lap. Except Mia is sleeping, and Michelle's here, too (trying to sleep).

The dinner party was a success, of sorts. It was somewhat of an Iron Chef competition, with Tin Chef White-Boy Chinese against Iron Chef Indian. I made two versions of one dish (Szechuan* Stir Fry with Chicken / Tofu), while Iron Chef Indian made four or five dishes.

Afterward, we had a sushi-making party, which was supposed to be the highlight (and was, I suppose), but I was afraid it'd go so badly that we'd all starve. It went really well, so we'll have to do that again soon.

The Kirin Lager and Tsing Tao have mostly worn off. I'm going to work on my poem now.

Yes, poem. I'm workin' it, kids.

* I was trying to look up the spelling of "Szechuan" in the dictionary I found in here, but it's from 1962 . . . a gift to Michelle's father on his 17th birthday (so says the note from his father inside the cover).