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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Know This
Here are five Truths . . . some of which were reached very recently:

-- When a Weezer CD starts with the one-two wallop of “Tired of Sex” and “Getchoo,” there’s really nowhere to go but down. But Pinkerton is still (likely) their best CD. Eat that, Rivers Cuomo.

-- I may have changed my name, but I’m still ambitionless. Seriously, my mind is racing with creative project ideas. The wheels are turning. But, sadly, the gerbil’s crashed out on his little gerbil couch with an AmberBock. And some pizza. From California Pizza Kitchen. Hmmm, jerk chicken pizza . . .

-- Following Colin Powell’s reported “You break it, you’ve bought it” comment, Iraq is Dubya’s baby. Every single thing that goes wrong in that country is his responsibility. Support for the troops, money for body armor, mourning dead soldiers, revenge for beheaded and/or burned civilian contractors . . . all moot points, because WE SHOULDN’T FUCKING BE THERE AT ALL. Here’s The Truth, G-dub: An overwhelming majority of Americans would certainly trade Saddam back to Iraq if we could recover the hundreds of dead soldiers and hundreds of billions of dollars wasted. WASTED!

-- Kristin Hersh is a great songwriter, in spite of her potty mouth. She’s really flourished outside of Throwing Muses, as has her half-sister (Tanya Donelly . . . okay, not quite so much with Tanya). The over-hyped eponymous “reunion” CD last year was somewhat underwhelming, so I won’t be rushing out to get the new 50-Foot Wave CD (Hersh’s new punky project . . . oft-compared to the recent Muses outing).

-- Sometime tomorrow, I’m gonna be a different person.