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Thursday, May 27, 2004
At the Next Inquisition
Here’s my latest thought:

If / when there’s another terrorist attack on U.S. soil . . . at the subsequent hearings into the breakdown in policy that lead (indirectly) to the attack . . . is Bush really going to be able to say he did all he could to prevent it?

I thought not.

Seriously, I’m not blaming Bush for 9/11, but after 9/11, we wiped the slate clean for him. He had carte blanche for his War on Terror. First, he got the Taliban out of Kabul (even if they’re still hanging around in Afghanistan / Pakistan). And then he turned his attention to . . . Iraq.

Some people (wrongfully) blamed his father for not chasing Saddam out of Iraq during the First Gulf War. I think we have much more of a case now to ask why he didn’t chase Osama and his cronies into the mountains. All the resources we wasted in Iraq . . . couldn’t we have found him by now?

Oh, wait, we have to wait and “find” him until just before the election. Ooops. I forgot. How silly of me.


In other news, my boss and I were IM’ing, and he mentioned that several of his friends are ‘bloggers. He went on to mock the ‘blogging phenomenon a little bit. In keeping with my stealthy ways, I agreed with him. “Yeah, they’re attention-whores.”

I'm all about the wink-wink, hush-hush.