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Friday, April 23, 2004
You’ll Always be Top Shelf with Me, Baby
Debbie recently posted about the concept of A-list ‘bloggers, and how you might wonder whether you fit into that category. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be part of their world, but it’s nice to post something and see that there are 26 comments . . . even if several of them are mine. And all I had to do was ask what the worst song ever written was.


In case you didn’t know, tonight is the kick off of Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters. Three of Food Network’s finest square off against the original Iron Chefs from Japan. I’m sure it’s mostly an excuse to put Bobby Flay on T.V. as much as possible. Hopefully he won’t win (again) and jump around like an asshole (again). Let’s have some respect, eh?

I’m curious why they didn’t get Anthony Bourdain to do it (he probably turned them down, if they even bothered to ask), or that sacred cow, Emeril Lagasse (probably because he’d go “BAM!” one too many times and Sakai would rush across kitchen stadium and chop off his big ol’ head).

So, yeah, what are you watching tonight?