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Monday, April 05, 2004
They Don’t Love You like I Love You
Here we are again. I decided to combine my quiz idea with some heavy-duty ‘blog-pimping. You can post your answers in the comments, or send them to my e-mail. There are CDs for the top five finishers (or first five, if this quiz proves too easy). Fourth and fifth place finishers get the new “Spring” mix, and the second and third place finishers get that CD, plus a copy of the Glory Hole party mix. The grand prize winner gets both CDs, and then some. I haven’t figured out exactly what “and then some” is, but it’ll be special. Maybe even personal.

Some of you are getting a CD no matter how you do on the quiz, and you may or may not know whether you’re one of those people. The smart thing to do would be to try hard and get in the top five. Because everyone likes a guarantee.

1. A lot of bloggers have quit and/or gone on hiatus recently (mostly due to real-life people finding their blogs). Which one of these people is not currently on hiatus?
a. Caitlin
b. Snowy
c. IA
d. Estella
e. It’s a trick! They’re all on hiatus.

2. JenB recently had a baby girl, whom she named ____________.
a. Christina
b. Angelina
c. Sophie
d. Charlotte
e. Estella

3. Everyone knows where to find Michelle’s husband, obviously. But where would you find Mrs. Lady Byrne’s husband?
a. The Chucklehut
b. Witt and Wisdom
c. Briantology
d. Queserasera
e. In Mrs. Byrne

4. Amy Choppa is reportedly moving to a new city this summer. Which city?
a. Chicago
b. Atlanta
c. Boston
d. Peoria
e. Tallahassee

5. Styro has a dog named __________. Shampoosolo has a cat named __________. Mrs. Dayment has a cat named __________.
a. Sabrina, Benoit, Rufus
b. Rufus, Reno, Jalen
c. Mr. Humpers, Sidius, Shit Ass
d. Jason, Padme, Mr. Banks
e. Archie, Bear, Benoit

6. Two (in)famous bloggers recently had a contest to see who could mail a 45-rpm record to Amy Choppa the fastest. Who were they?
a. Leo and Sarah B.
b. Jules and Greg Howard
c. Styro and Eurotrash
d. Greg Howard and Sarah B.
e. Jules and Styro

7. Which of the following statements is true?
a. Debbie is a registered Republican.
b. Teahouseblossom was fired from her law firm and now works as a Nokia saleswoman.
c. She-Dork recently broke up with her long-time boyfriend, KSA.
d. Kat is a bisexual who has a strange (or not-so-strange) attraction to Patrick Stewart.
e. Julia is a bisexual who has a strange attraction to CW’s wife.

8. Mark refers to his daughter by the name of which actress?
a. Kyra Sedgewick
b. Lucy Liu
c. Renee Zellwegger
d. Nicole Kidman
e. Jenna Jameson

9. Her man may be out at sea, but her daughter (Mia) is still there when she comes home from work. Who is she?
a. Patricia
b. Deirdre (the Hootress)
c. Eurotrash
d. SJ (I, Asshole)
e. Kerry

10. This ‘blogger just sent me two CDs chock full of post-rockin’ delight, while the rest of you didn’t. Who is it?
a. Bob
b. Melly
c. J.R.
d. Enemyster
e. S. (from Down Yonder)