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Thursday, April 15, 2004
Tax Day is All About the Drama
I did our taxes months ago and then put everything aside. I had planned to double-check my math before sending the paperwork out.

I sent everything this past Tuesday. Without really double-checking anything . . . just adding Mia’s social security number and making sure we’d signed the form in the right place.

And in keeping with the president’s nationwide bribe, we’re getting back a few hundred dollars more than last year. Hopefully, we’ll do something smart with that money. And then (smartly) vote for Kerry in November.

In addition to being Tax Day, it’s also the birthday of Ms. Jazz Hands (girlfriend of Mr. ADD and Girl on Film). To celebrate, a group of us are going to dinner at a chic (read: pretentious) eatery near where I work in the ‘burbs. I’ve been there for lunch and brunch, and it’s frequented by doctors’ wives in tennis skirts and attorneys. The food’s pretty good, though.

So, Happy Tax Day, everyone! And Happy Birthday, Ms. Jazz Hands . . . may your day be free of choke-holds and the “ground and pound.” Or full of those. Whichever you prefer.