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Wednesday, April 07, 2004
The Proof is in the Pudding
So, the quiz was a smashing success. Or a smash. Or something. Most of you who participated will be getting a CD. Or something.

We had a tie for first place between Bob and Mrs. Dayment. Bob will be receiving copies of the Spring mix and the Glory Hole mix, plus two other CDs (which I am currently at work on) at a future date. Mrs. Dayment will be getting the two featured mixes and something else . . . maybe a hand-drawn map from Ft. Myers to Tallahassee.

Estella and Amy obviously cheated off one another. I’ll have to figure out whether both of them will receive copies of the Spring and Glory Hole mixes. Really, I can’t decide which one would want it less. Both of these gals are so cool, though. I’ll have to work out something. (Maybe I’ll get my co-conspirator / wife involved.)

The rest of you who qualified will be getting an e-mail wherein I will solicit your mailing information. Have a merry Spring.


This past weekend started with Michelle calling me five minutes before she was set to get off work.

“Hey, I don’t know when I’m getting out of here, so don’t wait for me. I’ll probably be here ‘til fricking midnight!” (people shouting in the background) “Kiss Mia for me and tell her I love her and not to forget who her Mommy is.”

This past weekend ended with this exchange:

Me: “Will you be my friend again?”

Michelle: “Maybe if you rub my head.”

All the stuff in between included:

-- me watching Ultimate Fighting (there was no "Championship" that night) with Mr. ADD (It was a night full of surprises. More straight-up fighting and less of the “ground and pound.”)

-- Michelle painting the hall (the least-visible part of the house) for the third time since we moved in (and we didn't move in back in 1974)

-- me hanging curtain rods for our bare kitchen window (which we have been walking past naked since September 2000), proving myself to be the worst carpenter on the motherfucking planet (eyeballing vertical planes and using a tape measure is no-one’s idea of proficient carpentry)

-- me updating the tips from Home Engineering as it applies to bed maintenance (specifically how you can prop up a bed frame that’s missing a rivet and is, therefore, not structurally sound by using a stack of your wife’s magazines . . . those copies of Glamour, In Style, and Cosmopolitan are well-regarded construction materials)