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Monday, April 19, 2004
No Blow
So, I guess the major disappointment (for you) is that I didn’t get to see any extreme PDAs at the show Friday night. Or PDEs. Or PDFs.*

The Girls played first, and there was a band in between them and the main act . . . which we did not feel inclined to sit through. Instead, we went to wind down at The Space Bar (or is it Space Port?) where the singer for my band bartends on weekends. The Girls’ singer and her fiance (the ‘Ju) went, too. We got to hear several organ-only versions of Smiths’ songs. (Is that a "plus?")

This past weekend had a serene, yet unmemorable quality to it. Kind-of like a seeing a movie that you really liked, but you can’t remember what your favorite parts were, or can’t recall any good lines. I mean, there were one or two really memorable parts, but it’s not like I can I'm gonna tell you about it.

In other news, Michelle went home with a stomach thing, so send some well-wishes her way . . . y’know, if you feel so inclined.

And this series of strips (from the infamous Get Your War On) exhibits my feelings about the current Administration and the press conference better than I ever could.

* If PDAs are “public displays of affection,” then we could have PDEs (“public displays of erection”) or PDFs (“public displays of fellatio”).