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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
It’s Like College, Without All the Drugs and Binge Drinking
I remember how cool it was when I started college and I could make my own schedule. My first full semester, I scheduled all Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes so I’d only have to go to school three days a week. And it sucked.

I’ve noticed I’ve been on a MWF schedule here lately, too. And I don’t mean to be. I actually composed a thoughtful post for yesterday, but it was boring and purposeless. Kind of like this.


Anyone catch the press conference last night? I know, I’ve been resisting the political stuff but, obviously, it’s not every day that the Boob-in-Chief does a live press conference with actual reporters. I was heartened when some of the reporters stood up like men (even when they were women) and asked tough questions*. Was it just me, or did David Gregory (NBC) pretty much just call the president “retarded” . . . y’know, in so many words? But my favorite part was, after spitting that no-one wants to see “dead bodies” on the news, he said that it wasn’t a mistake to invade Iraq. Even if they didn’t have Weapons of Mass Destruction. Oh, and the part where he doesn’t make decisions based on opinion polls. Newsflash, Georgie-Boy: YOU AND YOUR PUPPETMASTER (Karl Rove) DON'T MAKE ANY DECISIONS WITHOUT TAKING A POLL OF YOUR BIBLE-RIDING COMPADRES!

Speaking of poles, didn’t Rove look like a smug asshole? I think it’s because he was wearing the president’s perma-smirk. That slick fucker . . . may his road to Hell be paved with the Santorum of angry, chili-eating men.

* All that sexism . . . I think I’ve been watching too much Deadwood. It’s my new favorite show. All the violence, all the swearing, all the dirty people in period dress. I was sold when a prominent character got shot in the head at the poker table with very little warning. Yeah, sure, there was a lot of foreshadowing during that fateful episode, but no pre-headshot chit-chat, like, “See you in Hell, Wild Bill.” Nope . . . just walk in the door, step close, pull out the gun, and BLAM!