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Thursday, April 22, 2004
The Interview
Apparently, today is “Take Your Daughter (Child) to Work Day.” I only know this because the two daughters of The Boss™ were handing out interview requests. Not sure what this is about, but they want to spend a few minutes asking us about our jobs and what we do.

Should I feel a little nervous about this? I mean, on one hand, you don’t want to piss off The Man™ by ducking an interview with his pre-adolescent daughters. But the flipside is that the guy you ultimately report to is going to know (second-hand) what you said about your job to his daughters. It sounds like a lose-lose situation because, really, what 8-year-old gives a squirt of pee-pee about what my job entails?

“Yeah, well I read a lot of environmental and remediation reports. And I do a lot of typing. And copying. Hey, y'know, once I even wrote a report for your dad in, like, a couple hours, while he was telling everyone that he was locked in his office for a week and a half writing it. Funny stuff . . . hey, wait, what was the question?”