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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
You are What You Eat
As I continue to spiral into my vague feeling of unhealthiness, I think more and more about what I eat. What we eat . . . at the Casa de Kamikaze. Let’s play a game of “What Do You Serve in Your Restaurant,” shall we?

Starters and Sides
-- Doritos with Tostitos con Queso Dip
-- A Fistful of Combos
-- A Fistful of Chex Mix
-- Thai Kitchen noodles (five flavors to choose from)
-- Frozen mini eggrolls (pork or chicken; heated and served with sweet and sour sauce)
-- Lipton Cup-o-Soup (Chicken Noodle)
-- Campbell’s Soup (Cream of Potato)

Entrees (fresh from our Microwave)
-- Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs
-- Lean Cuisine Linguini with Lemon Sauce
-- Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce
-- Boston Market Turkey with Stuffing
-- Uncle Ben’s Noodle Bowl (Spicy Thai Chicken, Ginger Honey Chicken, or Teriyaki)
-- Orange Chicken (with an eggroll)
-- General Tsao’s Chicken (with an eggroll)
-- Hot Pockets (BBQ Pork)

Entrees (prepared lovingly in our kitchen)
-- Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich (served with your choice of Wise Onion-Flavored Rings or Lipton Cup-o-Soup)
-- Tri-Color Rotini with your choice of sauce (Parma Rosa or Creamy Pesto . . . from a mix)
-- French Toast
-- Black Beans and Rice
-- Pierogies (Cheddar or Onion; sautéed and served with green beans)

-- Lean Cuisine Four-Cheese
-- Celeste (Plain Cheese or Zesty Four-Cheese)
-- California Pizza Kitchen (BBQ, Thai, or Jerk Chicken)

-- Oreos
-- Homemade peanut butter cookies (from a mix)
-- Microwaved soft pretzel (no salt; served with Tostitos con Queso)

-- Diet Coke
-- Sprite
-- La Croix
-- Fresca
-- Apple Juice
-- Minute Maid Limeade
-- AmberBock

So, if you ever come over to our house, nine times out of ten, this is what will be available. Don't ask for anything else. Or you'll get tofu tacos. Greedy fuckers.