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Monday, March 01, 2004
A Weekend of Dichotomies
Feeling young: when I was driving around town by myself on a bright, sunny day . . . guiltlessly blasting Third Eye Blind
Feeling old: when I was playing disc golf at the park with my friend and a local sorority was having a huge-ass “social,” complete with DJ-spun booty music, and I was thinking, “Damn kids . . . parking wherever the Hell they want. How am I gonna play through?”*

Feeling carefree: when we were out for drinks Friday night, and I dropped $25 for a kamikaze, a cosmopolitan, and two ciders**
Feeling clinical: when I was thinking about how cool I was to have my vodka in the freezer so I wouldn’t need to water down my Cape Cods with ice

Feeling love for this city: when we were in the park with Mia, enjoying the beautiful weather
Feeling the hate: when I realized that it's just the end of February and that, very soon, it’ll be too fucking hot to go outside at all . . . and it’ll stay like that for about four months***

Feeling pride: when I stayed home from the Starflyer 59 show to watch FSU play Duke in basketball
Feeling shame: when FSU lost****


* I was getting ready to throw from the 11th tee, and there was a line of parked cars stretching into the fairway. “I’m totally throwing at those cars.” Of course, I pussed out and threw to the right to avoid them, but my disc landed near the end of the row. As we walked down to our discs, and the cars continued to show up, how about a SUV of sorority chicks drove right over it and stopped? What. The. FUCK?

** My friend (and my band’s singer) is the bartender, so I’m not sure if that’s based on a “friend” rate or not.

*** Just like the driving around to Third Eye Blind, it reminded me of living in Albany, New York. Like the summer of 1997 (?), listening to “Semi-Charmed Life” with a nice breeze, windows open, temperatures in the low 80s. Not like here, when you wake up and it’s 92.

**** Yeah, the Cape Cods helped me enjoy the game.