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Friday, March 12, 2004
Gonna Get Wolfpack’d!
You’re sick of hearing (or reading, even) about politics and sports, I know, but now’s not the time to be whining. “Not. Even. Close. Bud!” Can you guess where I’m going to be at 7 p.m. (Eastern)? That’s right! I’m going to be on my couch watching ESPN2. It’s the ACC Tournament, and my Semen-holes are in a must-win situation against the powerful Wolfpack of N.C. State.

Am I ready for the game? Well, a lunchtime inventory revealed five beers and three California Pizza Kitchen pizzas (thai, bbq chicken, jerk chicken). I’m figuring that’s enough pizza for tonight’s game and the NCAA selection show Sunday. But the beer . . . hmmm. If Michelle watches any of the game with me this evening, there’s gonna be a rocky transition into the vodka. Hopefully, my landing will be soft. (Yours too, honey. Yours too.)

In related news, when I’m working or watching a game on T.V. alone, I’ll hum the theme from Star Wars. But somehow, I phase into humming the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark or, even stranger, Superman. How does that happen?