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Monday, March 08, 2004
Everyone Can Be a Professional at Something
I haven’t had a lot of informative stuff to tell you. And although I’ve been slacking off quite a bit here at work, I’ve been spending that valuable time reading and not writing. I used to write and post a lot during lunch, but now I’m once again addicted to Yahoo! Games. My chess abilities must be improving, because I’m losing every other game instead of losing two out of every three. And you’ll be happy to know that my cribbage dominance continues; I’ve won three out of my past four, and my player rating is still climbing.

I wonder if there’s a cribbage tour. Man, that’d be invigorating to watch, wouldn’t it? Seriously, I think about things like that sometimes, ever since reading Stefan Fatsis’ Word Freak, which is about the ultra-competitive world of professional Scrabble. (You should read it . . . you too, honey; after all, it’s your book.) I mean, if we’re televising the World Series of Poker, we should definitely have these guys on. Scrabble has all the highs and lows of any competition . . . and it’s educational. Personally, I’d feel more engaged watching that than 40 guys driving around an oval for three or four hours.