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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Remember a couple days ago, when I was longing to be a professional cribbage player? Well, that was before I went on a six-game losing streak (which I broke at lunch today in an comeback that was nothing short of amazing . . . probably made the other guy feel somewhat ripped off; when I offered my “gg” afterwards, he replied with, “yeah”).

I moved on to backgammon today, too, and I got trounced in my Internet debut. Ouch. Still, it hurts less than my chess-incompetence.

In other news, Mia makes everything better.

. . . except when she picks up something she's not supposed to have and you try to take it away from her, and she goes, "Neh!" She's more than willing to share her toys and her food, but she's not so willing to give us back the birth-control pills or the disposable razor.