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Friday, February 06, 2004
Kamikaze: World Traveler (or Is That "Traveller?" You Decide.)

Everyone's doin' it, right? (Go here if you haven't.) The red states are the ones that I've been to, in the most liberal, loose sense possible. Seems that I have the East Coast pretty well covered, wouldn't you say? (How'd I miss Rhode Island? I was born in Connecticut, for Christ's sake!)

Anyway, I counted Delaware because I paid the $5 toll to cross the bridge into and drive through the goddamn state. I think we may have stopped to eat there, too. So, if you leave money and/or bodily fluids there, it counts, right? I'm not sure about Utah, though. Those western states were "visited" during a work conference / retreat. We flew from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, and then to Reno, Nevada. We rented a car in Reno and drove up to Lake Tahoe. So, my time in Salt Lake City was basically a long layover. I don't know if I even peed there, but I probably did. Score one for Scott.

And "world traveler?" Yeah, this about covers my world travels, kids. My only foray out of the Lower 48 was a drive up to Canada. It was the most involved "crossing the border, driving around the countryside for 10 minutes, and then crossing back to the United States" trip every undertaken . . . or undertooken.

You decide.