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Friday, February 13, 2004
The Great Weekend Eat-Out
Michelle was going into “sushi withdrawal,” so we participated in Thursday Night Sushi™ with the Glory Holes, thus kicking off the Great Weekend Eat-Out (or, the Great Weekend of Eating Out . . . wait that doesn’t sound any better, does it? What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?). Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, which will climax in a big dinner out. (Actually, it will climax in an appearance by Girls on Film, which is why we have dinner reservations at 5:30.) And then, we’re tentatively planning on having brunch on Sunday.

We’re not gonna let anything like a lack of money or big, scary debt stand in our way of having a fun-filled Valentine’s Day!


Not much else to tell ya. More ‘blogroll updates. I’ll keep combing my referrer logs to see if there are any other dedicated* readers that I’m missing out there. I’m just adding two people (long overdue) this time. Then I’m fixing some changed links. And deleting. And then rearranging.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Monday, I want to be basking in your post-coital glow, so now you have something to work toward.

* all five or six of you