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Thursday, February 05, 2004
The Debt Star
I’ve recently had an e-mail exchange with Mr. Glory Hole about us bailing on Thursday Night Sushi™. I mentioned in the e-mail that we’re trying to "save up any disposable income we can make ourselves believe we have for Valentine's Day." Which he knows all about because we’re having dinner on Valentine’s Day with the Glory Holes at one of Tallahassee’s more mysterious / overpriced / pretentious restaurants.

The whole thing makes me think about debt as the Death Star. Which, in turn, makes me sad, because that replaces the warm and happy thoughts I’ve had of the Death Star as a bong (that was conceived but never built back in college . . . I mean, can you imagine how fucking cool that would be to have a Death Star bong?).

Anyway, 2004 is supposed to be the year that I play Luke Skyyvodkawalker, rescuing the Princess from the clutches of Evil and destroying the Death Star. Until, of course, The Empire Strikes back, in which the forces of Evil come to find us and chase us away from our chilly comfort. And I get my fucking hand chopped off.

I guess I’ll just have to look forward to the next installment, when the forces of Evil will start construction of a new Death Star, and we join forces with a fish-head guy and a bunch of stuffed animals to whoop serious ass.