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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
You’ve Been Chosen!
I’m one of those idiots too stupid to get out of jury duty. I mean, I guess you could look at it that way. However, I like to look at it through rose-colored glasses . . . ones that are surely scratched by my own lurid curiosity about what goes on during a trial. With real people. Not like the actors on CSI, or Law & Order. (I’m glad the helpful defense attorney pointed that one out for us. Admittedly, I was among some real winners, but I guess we’re shooting for the lowest common denominator, huh, Perry Mason.)

Anyway, I’m only in for a half-day, and I’ve been busy, so . . . yeah. Plus, I’m getting all psyched about watching the State of the Union tonight. Gotta watch what our Commander Dolt in Chief has to hand down to the unwashed masses.

I can safely say that the jury’s not out on that guy. (“Survey says . . . LLLLOOOOOOOSSSER!”)

p.s.: Not sure how I feel about Kerry winning the Iowa caucuses. I’ll let you know after New Hampshire’s primary next Tuesday.