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Monday, January 19, 2004
This Lazy Sloth Has Great Hair
I’m not gonna try and front like I’m organized and have my shit together. Yeah, I have a laundry list of things I need to accomplish on evenings and weekends when I don’t have band practice. Y’know, cleaning up the house and bookkeeping. (The house really isn’t that messy, just unorganized, but I’m a few months behind on updating the checkbook and reconciling the family budget.)

Saturday night turned out to be a textbook example my perpetual distraction / procrastination pitfalls. After Mia went to bed, I was going to have a few hours to be productive while Michelle was at practice. I made a mental list of things to accomplish. When Mia was in bed, I sat down with dinner in front of the T.V. (where we eat all our meals . . . the new coffee table / aircraft carrier runway makes this much easier). I surfed into an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo. (Oh, so this is what the show is like.) I quite enjoyed it. When that wrapped up, I sat through the commercial break and then a movie magically started. Looked promising. Oh, wait, it’s . . . Silverado. So, I found myself watching the most manipulative and neatly tied up, but strangely alluring, western ever (for the third or fourth time) and trying to “accomplish” during commercial breaks. Yeah, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine how much got done.

On the flipside, I went out to the park yesterday. I hadn’t had a hair cut in more than six weeks, and it had yet to wash it that day. So, rather than be bed-headed, I chose the CW-endorsed ponytail. Michelle said, “You should wear your hair like that more often.” I asked her if I looked like “Becks,” and she agreed that I did . . . somewhat. So, when I got my hair cut this morning, I made sure not to take too much off the length so I could continue to explore my outer Mr. Posh Spice.

I know . . . this post begs for photographic documentation. Maybe you’ll get it. Soon.